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Protect Your Church with the Right Insurance Coverage

Christian church in floridaChurches are important establishments within our communities, so they need to be protected. Fearnow Insurance can match you with the right insurance for your church to ensure that the building, staff, and congregation are covered in the event of an emergency.

What Does Church Insurance Cover?

Church insurance in Florida covers a wide variety of things depending on your needs. The church often runs many activities outside of your normal Sunday mass, so you need to be covered for anything that could happen.

  • Abuse Liability Coverage – This type of coverage is necessary for any institution that works with children. This is, unfortunately, an essential facet of church insurance, but you can prevent incidents by ensuring that children are never alone with an adult staff member, and provide abuse prevention training to all staff.
  • Property Coverage – Unfortunately, churches are often victims of vandalism and theft. Because they are non-profit organizations, the donations you receive from the congregation are barely enough to cover essential church maintenance, so you’ll want to be covered if property is stolen or vandalized.
  • Group Health Insurance – Group health enables you to provide healthcare benefits to staff at the church.

Many More Coverage Options

As a Christian-owned independent insurance company, we believe that our ministry is to help the ministry. We offer a wide range of coverage options to churches in the area, beyond the coverage types we discussed in the blog. Contact our independent insurance agents today to talk about your church coverage options.

Why Flood Insurance is so Important in Florida

a beach in Florida during a hurricane Homeowners Insurance is Important . . . It provides you with peace of mind in the event of a natural disaster or other occurrences that can cause damage to your home. Home repairs can be a massive financial setback if you haven’t purchased homeowners insurance. There are many types of homeowners insurance, so it can be difficult to determine what you need. In Florida, it’s important to ensure that the homeowners insurance you choose covers you for floods.

Special Protection During Hurricane Season

Having flood insurance in Florida is absolutely essential. You know as well as we do that hurricane season can be terrifying for homeowners. When you insure your home against floods, you know that you can get your home repaired and move on with your life without worrying about outrageous repair costs.

Protect what’s Important with Fearnow Insurance

Our insurance company in Seffner, FL can help you find homeowner’s insurance that fits your needs. We can help you secure your family’s future by matching you up with affordable coverage that can protect your finances in the event of a hurricane and flash flooding or any other natural disaster that can harm your residence. Contact our independent insurance agents today for a free quote.