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Schools, daycares, and other educational facilities take on an immense responsibility when they open their doors every day – a responsibility to not only educate and encourage personal growth in their students but also to protect their students, staff, and visitors from harm. Educational facilities also have a responsibility to themselves and the community they serve to ensure that they are protected themselves from any all types of catastrophes and liability, so that they may continue to provide a place for educational and personal growth.

We provide an extensive list of coverages available to the following educational facilities:

  • K-12 Public, Private, Magnet, and Charter Schools
  • Public Virtual or Online Schools
  • Vocational Trade Schools
  • Special Educations Schools
  • Parochial and Religious Schools
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • Community and Junior Colleges
  • Public and Private Colleges
  • Public and Private Universities
  • Daycares and Learning Centers
  • Summer Athletic Programs/Camps
  • Recreational Programs and Camps

Fearnow Insurance provides the following insurance coverages for all levels of educational facilities.

General Liability

Protect your institution, faculty, employees, trustees, board members or directors, and others acting on behalf of your institute against lawsuits that allege bodily injury, personal injury (i.e. mental anguish), or property damage to a student or third party that is attributed to your school or its insured members. Coverage expands a wide range of claims including events involving the use of alcohol or drugs, campus crime, employee misconduct, or sexual assault.

Professional Liability 

May also be referred to as Errors and Omissions Insurance. Helps cover the cost of legal fees or settlements if your institution is found negligent in providing its professional services. This can include situations in which an employed instructor fails to properly supervise a classroom, prevent or stop bullying, provide adequate education, or other breach of duty. Professional Liability also extends coverage against claims made by employees alleging wrongful termination, wrongful denial of tenure, sexual harassment, or discrimination.

Educators Legal Liability (Including Employed Lawyers Coverage)

Given the moniker “School Board Legal Liability Insurance”, this insurance provide coverage against all non-bodily injury and non-property damage claims made against all employed levels of an educational facility including staff, educators, and administration. Employed Lawyers Coverage extends this coverage to the in-house legal team retained by the educational facility. Common claims that are protected include wrongful termination or dismissal, denied tenure, and negligent or inadequate counseling.

Abuse Liability

Commercial Property insurance helps to protect your business from loss caused by a covered event, such as damages caused by a natural disaster, fire, theft, vandalism, or other accidents. Coverage extends to damage against your school’s building structure, outdoor signage, desks and computers, landscaping, and even fencing.

Business Income Coverage

This applies to both public and private schools. Business Income Coverage protects not only against the loss of tuition income for private education institutions but also the loss of income that employees may face in light of a natural disaster, fire, major theft, or other covered event that interferes with your school’s normal operating hours.

Auto Liability

Any school that employs drivers and utilizes a busing system or vehicle to transport students to and from school, one end of campus to another, classrooms on field trips, or sports teams to and from their games will need this insurance coverage. Auto liability protects covered parties (drivers, students, and others involved in the accident) from bodily and personal injury, property damage, and medical expenses. It also includes towing services for busses or vehicles owned by the school.

Equipment Breakdown

Educational facilities utilize a number of varying equipment to help provide a valuable learning experience for their students. In the event your equipment stops working, this coverage can help cover the cost of repairs or even replacement. Equipment includes audio and video equipment, landscaping equipment, computers and projectors, mechanical sporting equipment, and more.

Basic Student Accident Coverage

Provides protection for students against bodily injury that occurs during school-sponsored, school supervised, and school scheduled class and activities that are held on or off campus. This coverage is typically offered to students taking part in extracurricular actives such as a seasonal sport or attending a school-sponsored field trip to cover medical treatment associated with their injury. Excludes injuries that occur at home, during non-school sponsored extracurricular actives, or during periods of vacation.

Catastrophic Student Accident Coverage

An extension of the Basic Student Accident Coverage. The injury sustained must have occurred during school-sponsored, school supervised, and school scheduled class and activities that are held on or off campus. In the case of Catastrophic Student Accident Coverage, the injury sustained is more extensive than what is covered under the basic. A Catastrophic injury is defined as causing permanent diminished mental or physical capacity that is diagnosed by a physician. Provides more extensive medical coverage and limits for emergency treatment, inpatient/outpatient care, rehabilitative services, dental, etc. Includes accidental death benefit.

School Sector Enhancements

Schools and those they employ are charged with the responsibility to provide an education to their students but also their safety and well-being. Even when the most stringent precautions are taken, Abuse Liability Coverage provides the educational facility protection against liability for harm caused by a teacher, counselor, staff member, volunteer, or tutor. Expands the coverage provided in General Liability.

Cyber Liability

Especially important for virtual schools or educational facilities that utilize online tools to further education. Cyber liability helps protect against liability from claims ranging from data breaches to failed action against cyber bullying.

Workers’ Compensation

Teachers, professors, educational staff members, and others employed by the school can face numerous job-related injuries: breaking up a fight, premises maintenance, or harm caused by a third party (including an attack on the school). Florida Law requires all employers to purchase Worker’s Comp for their employees if they employ four or more individuals. All public employees must be provided Worker’s Compensation coverage.

Employee Benefits Liability

Many educational facilities provide benefit packages for their employees in addition to wages. In the event that the benefits are not administered properly, Employee Benefits Liability protects against the liability claim. This coverage includes claims that are the result of an act, error, or omission made by a Human Resource employee that results in limited, incorrect, or no benefits coverage.

Employment Practices Liability

This type of insurance policy is used to protect educational facilities at all levels against lawsuits from employees (teachers, professors, support staff, etc.) that make allegations of violations of their rights guaranteed under various federal acts. This includes extended coverage in the event of allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, or violations of labor laws.


This catchall coverage provides additional levels of coverage when your current general liability or other liability coverage is not enough to protect your assets. Includes protection from lawsuits stemming from bodily and personal injuries, property damage, abuse, slander, libel, wrongful termination, auto accidents, and more.

Crime Coverage

It may be difficult to imagine an employee, student, or other party committing a criminal act against your school; however, that doesn’t mean you should leave your school unprotected in the event of such an occurrence. Crime coverage includes employee fraud, robbery, vandalism, and embezzlement.

Commercial Property Coverage

Unexpected repairs or expansion can take a toll on the school’s annual budget and sometimes, even when needed, enhancements and repairs are looked over in order to cut on costs. School Sector Enhancements helps to bridge the gap in the school’s budget in order to provide the community with the much-needed changes.

Law Enforcement Liability/Armed Guard Coverage

This is an important coverage to include if your school employs any form of security, including an SRO, a “guardian”, campus police, or other security officer termed with the care and safety of the students and staff while on campus. Law Enforcement Liability provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage sustained by an individual while performing law enforcement duties or activities. Includes coverage for other aspects of personal injury, including mental anguish.

Kidnap or Ransom Coverage

Educational facilities provide a unique risk against violence, more so for facilities that provide child care or study abroad programs. Kidnap or Ransom Coverage helps protect against threats made against students, charges, staff, teachers, etc. to kill or harm; damage property; kidnappings; hostage situations; unlawful government detaining; disappearances; abductions; vehicle hijackings; and extortions. Covered losses include ransom money; reward money; legal liability; expenses for additional security measures, medical care, psychiatric care or counseling, and legal advice; death or dismemberment benefits, victim restitution, and more.

Adverse Event Coverage

Protect your school, students, and staff in the event of a tragic event or loss, large scale violent act, or facility-wide illness. These types of adverse events require special care and with Adverse Event Coverage, you can provide necessary counseling to your students and staff members, medical attention, handle public relations, improve security measures, protect against liability, and other post-crisis expenses.

Worldwide Coverage Territory

Ensure that your facility, students, staff, volunteers, and other associated individuals are protected – no matter where they are in the world. Worldwide Coverage Territory is a vital insurance coverage for any educational facility that offers studying abroad programs, foreign student exchanges, or international travel for a school-sponsored event.

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