A Quick Look at Umbrella Insurance and How It can Protect You

Have you ever considered umbrella insurance as a supplemental insurance policy in order to protect yourself from financial catastrophe in the event you are in a car accident, boating accident or experience damage to your home? Umbrella policies cover costs that exceed the policy limits on your other types of insurance.

A possible scenario might be an expensive car accident. Let’s say that you hit an expensive car, like a luxury Audi, and that vehicle happens to have five people in it. The car is totaled, and the people all need medical care. This could quickly lead to claims that are above your policy limits. The good news is that an umbrella policy can help cover all those additional costs so that you are not sued by the other driver and the occupants of the other vehicle.

If you’ve never considered adding an umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio, today might be a good day to explore your options and get a quote to help make sure you are fully protected.