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Personal Umbrella Insurance

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Save up to 37% with Fearnow Insurance

Have you considered getting a personal umbrella policy? While you may have good car insurance and homeowners insurance policies, they may not be enough if someone gets severely injured on your property or in your vehicle or an expensive piece of personal property is damaged. In these instances, you may benefit from also having a personal umbrella policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance helps if your standard or basic insurance policies reach their limits before the entire claim is paid. For example, let’s say you’re involved in a car accident, and that accident was determined to be your fault. The claim for the accident is 250,000 dollars. Your current auto policy has a limit of $100,000. If you have a personal umbrella policy, that policy would pay the remaining 150,000 dollars. Without an umbrella policy, you’d have to pay the remainder from your own finances.

What Our Customers Say

Joe is the best man I’ve ever met! He is showing absolutely customer-centric approach every time you should to receive a real nice prices and outstanding service as well! Thanks!
Dmitriy Korchagin
23:00 28 Nov 22
The best customer experience! Joe was quick with a new policy and with any answers I needed. Would recommend 100%
Lori Potter
21:55 21 Nov 22
Fearnow Insurance is great to obtain low price and quality insurance coverage. Joseph Boyle was excellent in pricing and offering the best auto and motorcycle insurance for our family.
lil jim haney
13:55 16 Nov 22
I reached out to Joe Boyle and he was an INCREDIBLE help to my wife and I. He was very helpful throughout the whole process and helped us save a bunch of money as well. I would highly recommend him!
Nick Villa
20:32 02 Nov 22
Just got home insurance from them!!! Joe did such an awesome job... he def knows what he's doing! I recommend fearnow insurance if you're having a hard time getting insurance!
Teresa Jimenez
11:56 01 Nov 22
Joseph Boyle is by far the most professional, efficient, excellent personality with customers, highly respectful and straightforward insurance agent. I only checked with one other insurance company and it was a terrible experience. Joseph Boyle took away my fears in a manner of minutes and I was insured in a timely fashion by transferring from Farm Bureau of TN to Florida. I highly recommend Joseph Boyle as an agent and for his professional and kind demeanor. Save time and money and call Fearnow and ask for Joseph Boyle and you will be more than satisfied with outstanding service.
Irene Forsythe
18:30 31 Oct 22
It took us a while to get where I needed to be to finalize my policy but none of that was Joe's fault. He was extremely helpful and patient as we worked through my different changes as well as other glitches that happened along the way that popped up. He was very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend him.He called me back very quicky whereas some other companies had to be called twice or they took days to get back with me.
Carolyn Beadle
17:19 29 Oct 22
Joe Boyle & Matt Wink are top notch in my book! I've had my Home Owner's Ins. thru Fearnow for at least 20 years now & they are a great team! Matt is awesome & goes above & beyond to help you!! Wouldn't have any other agent! I'd give 10 stars if I could!
Susan Rowland
19:32 27 Oct 22
Joe is pleasant and very knowledgeable. He helped me save over $2k in car insurance. He is now my new best friend forever!!!!!
Teresa Young
20:25 25 Oct 22
This is a very professional group to work. They are excellent about returning your calls ASAP and our very thorough in answering all your questions
Ruth Tyson
13:24 25 Oct 22

The Fearnow Agency Advantage

  • We work for you, not the insurance carriers, to ensure your claims are processed efficiently and are paid out quickly.
  • Unlike a single-company agency, we have access to over 100 carriers, so we’re never limited in the services we can provide you.
  • We can save you up to 37% in insurance cost, or get better coverage for the same cost.
  • We always provide full disclosure of plan inclusions and exclusions.
  • We offer customized plans tailored specifically to your needs, instead of forcing you into a pre-packaged solution that won’t really work for you.
  • Our agents are continuously training, so they stay the leading experts in their field.

Personal Liability Coverages

Personal liability insurance policies cover bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. It’s important to note that an umbrella policy extends certain coverages that you already have and pays any overages that those policies do not cover.

Bodily Injury Coverage

The bodily injury coverage pays for expenses that are related to accidents. Most policies cover medical costs and loss of income for the injured people, and it covers funeral expenses if anyone died in the accident. For example, let’s say someone is badly injured in your backyard pool and requires surgery. If your homeowners policy only covers up to $200,000 in medical expenses and the cost of all the medical care is $400,000, your umbrella policy would cover the remaining $200,000.

Personal Injury Coverage

Personal injury coverage covers the costs associated with lawsuits if you are accused of certain things, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and defamation. This coverage may also pay excess expenses if you are the cause of someone’s false arrest. For example, if you post something online that defames or slanders someone else and that person sees the post, they may sue you. If those costs are more expensive than your standard policy limits, you could be forced to pay the excess from your own personal finances unless you have an umbrella insurance policy.

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Property Damage Coverage

This policy covers the damage or loss of use of someone else’s property. For example, if your dog eats someone else’s expensive jewelry, you’d be responsible for having that jewelry repaired or replaced. In most instances, your standard coverage would pay those expenses. However, if it’s an extremely expensive piece of jewelry, your standard limits may not be enough. Under umbrella coverage, that policy would pay the remainder of the expenses.

Understanding Who’s Covered on an Umbrella Policy

The policyholder and their spouse are covered under the umbrella policy, as is any relative or dependent living in your home. You can also have others listed on the policy if you want to include them in the coverage.

What an Umbrella Policy Does Not Cover

It’s important to note that a personal umbrella policy does not cover every scenario or situation. If you have a business, your personal umbrella policy wouldn’t cover any damages. Instead, you’d need a commercial umbrella insurance policy. Also, personal umbrella insurance does not cover your personal belongings or any damages associated with an oral contract. You also may not be covered if damages occur during an intentional criminal act.

How to get Umbrella Insurance

It’s important to note that umbrella insurance isn’t a stand-alone policy. It’s meant to cover overages in case your standard policy limits are reached, and there is still money that needs to be paid to resolve the claim. Therefore, you need to have standard policies before getting umbrella insurance. Policies you may need before getting umbrella insurance include:

  • Car insurance – for your personal vehicle
  • Homeowners insurance – for your primary residence
  • Secondary homeowners insurance – for any additional homes you may own, like a vacation home
  • Renters insurance – If you rent your dwelling instead of owning it
  • Motorhome insurance – if you own a motorhome

Getting Personal Umbrella Insurance with Fearnow

Our agents at Fearnow can help you get umbrella insurance so that you are fully covered in the event of a high-dollar claim. Our agents can answer your questions, determine if you have the correct standard coverage, and provide you with a detailed quote for personal umbrella insurance. If you do not have the appropriate standard coverages, like homeowners insurance or car insurance, we can also give you quotes for those policies.

To learn more about personal umbrella insurance and to get a free quote, give us a call at (813) 689-8878.

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