Yes. A person who owns his or her home would have a different policy from someone who rents. Policies also differ on the amount of insurance coverage provided.

  • HO-1: Limited coverage policy 
    This “bare bones” policy covers you against the first 10 disasters. It’s no longer available in most states.


  • HO-2: Basic policy
    It provides protection against all 16 disasters. There is a version of HO-2 designed for mobile homes.


  • HO-3: The most popular policy 
    This “special” policy protects your home from all perils except those specifically excluded.


  • HO-8: Older home 
    Designed for older homes, this policy usually reimburses you for damage on an actual cash value basis which means replacement cost less depreciation. Full replacement cost policies may not be available for some older homes.


  • HO4-Renter
    Created specifically for those who rent the home they live in, this policy protects your possessions and any parts of the apartment that you own, such as new kitchen cabinets you install, against all 16 disasters.


  • H0-6: condo/co-opA policy for those who own a condo or co-op, it provides coverage for your belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. It protects you against all 16 disasters.