How to Prepare for an Insurance Adjuster’s Visit

A home insurance adjuster visits your property to determine the cause and value of your claim. For some property owners, this can be worrisome. What does it mean? What can you expect from the process? Most of the time, your adjuster is there to help you. They just needimage of insurance adjuster you to provide key information to help them to file the claim for you. What are some of the details you need to provide.

What to Expect

When something occurs at your property, your first step is to call your home insurance agent. Your agent will gather information from you. He or she then makes an initial determination if your policy could cover the losses you face.

From there, a time is set for an adjuster to visit. This person has the job of assessing the situation. He or she will look over everything. These individuals tend to have a significant experience with managing home construction and code enforcement. They understand the workings of a home. They can better determine what happened in your home.

When the adjuster arrives, he or she will need access to your home. They will need to see all components of the damage. It is important to be able to do this.

How to Prepare

If you have an accident or incident occur at your home, there are a few key things to do ahead of a visit from your adjuster.

  • First, take pictures. Things can move during the wait. You want to be sure you have evidence of every detail of the event.
  • Do not clean up. Unless there is a reason to do so that cannot wait, do not clean up until the adjuster arrives. You want them to see the damage in its entirety.
  • Next, do not move items or remove them. You want, again, to have the most accurate display of what occurred present.
  • Gather any documentation you have. Specifically, find your home inventory and use that to help validate your claims.
  • You can file a police report in the event of an illegal act. For example, call the police as soon as you notice theft.

Your home insurance adjuster will need information from anyone at the site when the incident occurs. Providing this information can help safeguard your claim process. Work closely with your agent through this process. You should see your adjuster as someone working to help support you in a tough situation. It is well worth working closely with them.

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