Who Insures Mobile Homes In Florida?

Do you need mobile home insurance in Florida? Mobile homes are a more affordable way to acquire a permanent dwelling. They can be placed on your land or in a mobile home park. In order to protect your dwelling and personal items, you’ll want to get mobile home insurance. Unfortunately, with Florida’s current insurance market climate, you may be finding it difficult to acquire a policy that’s affordable. The good news is that Fearnow Insurance in Florida offers mobile home insurance policies. Let’s take a look at what these policies cover and how to get one.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home policies are a type of insurance that protects your dwelling, any additional structures, and your personal property if they were to become damaged in a covered event. This is similar to homeowners insurance, except the policy is specifically designed for mobile or manufactured homes.

What are mobile and manufactured homes?

Mobile and manufactured homes are not stick-built. When a contractor talks about a stick-built home, they’re talking about homes that were built on-site. This means that the 2 by 4s (sticks) and other materials were transported to the construction site and put together on that piece of land. By contrast, mobile and manufactured homes are partially or fully assembled at a factory.

Mobile Homes

It’s important to note that mobile homes are called mobile because they have wheels. They do not have engines. If the mobile home has an engine, it’s called a motor home, and it’s considered a recreational vehicle. The wheels on mobile homes give them the ability to be transported to new locations, and like RVs, they are considered vehicles. You might be interested to know that the first mobile home was the Conestoga Wagon. These were pulled by horses and helped individuals and families settle the West. Today, mobile homes are designed to look a lot like stick-built homes. They can be manufactured with siding and shingle roofs. Some mobile homes even come with built-in decks.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are similar to mobile homes in that they are mostly built in a factory. However, this simply means that the wall panels, trusses and other large components were assembled at the factory as pieces of the home. Then, those pieces are transported to the building site and assembled by a crew. This greatly speeds up the time it takes to build the home. It also reduces the cost of building the home. Once a manufactured home is built, it cannot be moved.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Mobile home insurance covers your dwelling and personal property.

  • Dwelling Coverage – This financially protects your mobile home if it is damaged by a covered event.
  • Personal Property Coverage – This helps you replace your damaged or destroyed personal belongings.
  • Other Structures Coverage – This covers structures like sheds or if your mobile home is on your land and you have a detached garage, this would cover the garage.
  • Liability Coverage – If someone’s personal property is damaged while they are on your property, this covers the replacement of their belongings as well as any legal expenses you incur.
  • Medical Expenses – If someone is injured while they’re visiting your mobile home, this coverage helps pay for their medical expenses.
  • Loss of Use – If a covered event causes you to lose the use of your mobile home, this coverage helps pay for any additional living expenses that you may incur while your home is being repaired.

Additional Mobile Home Coverages You May Want to Consider

In addition to the standard coverage types, you can add coverages in order to better financially protect yourself.

  • Replacement Cost – If your mobile home is destroyed by a covered event, this coverage pays for the replacement of a similar mobile home.
  • Trip Collision – If you plan on moving your mobile home, consider trip collision coverage. This pays for any damage that’s caused by accidents while your home is on the move.
  • Sinkhole Coverage – If your home is placed in a location that later develops a sinkhole, this coverage helps pay for the repairs.

Who offers mobile home insurance in Florida?

Fearnow offers mobile home insurance policies in Florida. The agents at Fearnow have the ability to look through mobile home insurance policies from a variety of carriers. To date, we have access to more than 100 insurance agencies and their policies. This includes Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Main Street America, Nationwide, Allstate, Citizens and more. If you need a mobile home policy, we can find you one that meets for needs and your budget.

How do I get mobile home insurance from Fearnow in Florida?

You can get mobile home insurance from Fearnow in Florida by calling us at 813-689-8878. Our agents will work with you to find the best policy for your needs and answer all of your questions. To get started and to get a quote, give us a call today.