Paying for Glass Damage in Your Store

Within your store, you might have a lot of display cases, windows and glass cabinets. That means there’s a potential for a lot of breakage should the right accidents happen. That broken glass could be expensive to repair or replace. Yet, you’ll need to do so. Will your commercial property insurance help you?

If you experience broken glass, don’t wait around and let the damage languish. Instead, call your property insurance agent. They can often assist you in your claims and the cleanup process.

Property Insurance and Broken Glass

With property insurance, you will likely have help if your glass breaks in a covered incident. The following covered hazards might apply:

  • Fires
  • Hail and severe weather
  • High winds
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

So, picture a situation in which a robber breaks into your clothing store. They might smash your display cases to take the purses or jewelry you might store inside. So, not only will you now have lost stock, but you will also face costly property damage. You will likely have to pay for repairs to the glass before you can return to normal operations.

Often, your property insurance will help you do so. Coverage might help you pay for the cleanup following the theft. Then, it can also help you pay to replace the broken glass, damaged locks and frames. Your coverage will often spare you the losses you might have experienced if you had to pay out of your own pockets.

Keep in mind, certain restrictions might apply when covering broken glass.

  • If you cause the broken glass, then your policy will likely not pay. Normal wear and tear, scratching and your own actions will likely not qualify.
  • Keep in mind, you will likely have to pay a deductible before your policy covers the rest of a claim. Therefore, your policy might not even cover any of the losses you sustain from broken glass. That will depend on the claim’s total value, however.

Sometimes, you can ask your agent about specific glass insurance for your property. In this case, glass won’t face the same deductibles and restrictions as some other property. So, you might have a more holistic amount of coverage in the event of glass damage.

Following glass damage in your store, contact your insurance agent. They can help you determine if you have coverage. You should isolate the damage so that no one else gets hurt. Then, take photographs of the damage. You might need to provide it to your insurance agent to help you evaluate your claim’s value and validity. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance agent.